Pass Rates for Medical Board Exams

The percentages of pass rates on the right hand side are general averages. For more individualized estimate, provide the program you attend and your USMLE Step 3 Score. We collect detailed information from individual programs, test prep services, and surveys.

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Estimated Pass Rate*
Anesthesiology Board Pass Rate 85%
Cardiology Board Pass Rate 91%
Child Psychiatry Board Pass Rate 97%
Dermatology Board Pass Rate 91%
Emergency Medicine Board Pass Rate 92%
Family Medicine Board Pass Rate 75%
Gastroenterology Board Pass Rate 94%
General Surgery Board Pass Rate 72%
Infectious Disease Board Pass Rate 93%
Internal Medicine Board Pass Rate 84%
Nephrology Board Pass Rate 87%
Neurology Board Pass Rate 89%
OBGYN Board Pass Rate 74%
Oncology Board Pass Rate 88%
Ophthalmology Board Pass Rate No Data
Orthopedic Surgery Board Pass Rate 83%
Otolaryngology Board Pass Rate 95%
Pathology Board Pass Rate 68%
Pediatrics Board Pass Rate 78%
Physical Medicine/Rehab Board Pass Rate 90%
Pulmonary Disease Board Pass Rate 90%
Psychiatry Board Pass Rate 75%
Radiology Board Pass Rate 92%
Estimated individualized pass rates are based on the following sources of information:
  1. 1. Average pass rates for each specialty from selected years
  2. 2. Program rankings and lists of top programs
  3. 3. Pass rates published by individual programs
  4. 4. Data collected from Board Vitals and USMLE score distributions.
  5. 4. Surveys (only available for Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine).
Board Pass Rates makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, validity, reliability, predictive value, or completeness of the estimated individualized pass rates or the data, algorithm, and/or methods used by Board Pass Rates to generate estimated individualized pass rates. Board Pass Rates assumes no liability or responsibility for any error or omission.